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Direct Thermal Synthetic Film

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POLYSTAR brand direct thermal media is Durico’s primary synthetic film product for labels, tags and tickets. POLYSTAR is based on polypropylene or PET film, highly suitable for a wide range of applications that require tear resistance, water resistance and/or heat resistance. Examples include: luggage tags, fruit labels, refrigerated meat labels, carcass labels, ski resort tickets and parking tickets.

Durico has state-of-art, precise, and efficient coating lines, available in widths up to 86”. With POLYSTAR, Durico offers OEM customers cost-effective solutions with consistent quality assurance.

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Wide Application&Durability
Multiple grades(Polystar A, Polystar AH, Polystar R) of POLYSTAR direct thermal film are available for diverse requirements and a wide and expanding array of applications. POLYSTAR is highly resistant to harsh environments and rough usage.

High Sensitivity & High Resolution
POLYSTAR produces sharp, rich black tones to meet exacting standards for readability and performance. For example, barcode scanning systems can rely on POLYSTAR for accuracy, speed, and consistency.

BPA Free
BPA (bisphenol A), a chemical found in some plastic and synthetic materials, may be harmful to human health. Rest assured, POLYSTAR is 100% BPA-free.